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Originally coined Westbook Skatepark decades ago; this once stagnate, overgrown tennis court was an eyesore & an unused opportunity. Local skateboarders slowly began to rebuild the location during their free time and with personal funding. The transition into D.I.Y. is what makes the now named 9ThStDIY more unique and possible. Years ago it became apparent that city funding and help wasn't available or going to be distributed. This began motion for the Non-profit to be established allowing for local funding and help. Since then, we've grown in professionalism & size and now host Ohio's most essential and creative places to enjoy action sports. 

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Granite Ledges

Grind the ledges you dream drool over everytime you drive past a federal building or restricted area. 100% brick and granite.

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Volcanic Snake

Ride the snake and blow your top on this volcanic serpent. 


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Manual Bump to Slap

Close attention to detail. All-in-one dream obstacle. Relax on some manuals, perfect slappies, or boost a fire hydrant kickflip. 


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